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Tsuyu no moto gold

About product

This “Tsuyu” contains rich dashi (soup stock) which is made from 1.5 times the amount of dried skipjack tuna and kelp of regular “Tsuyu no moto”. Please dilute 1 part of “Tsuyu” with 7 parts of hot water to use as udon noodle soup, and 1 part of “Tsuyu” with 2 parts of cold water to use as a dipping sauce for soba noodles. Also good for seasoning stir-fry and simmered dishes.

Tsuyu no moto gold
500ml, 1000ml, 1800ml
Shelf life
1 year
Soybean, Wheat*
*Based on allergenic substances information of Japan
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Tsuyu no moto gold Recipe

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