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Spicy tuna rolls


Spicy tuna rolls

Ingredients (2 Servings)

・〈A〉1Tbsp…NINBEN “Tsuyu no moto”
・〈A〉1Tbsp…Flying fish roe
・400g…Warm cooked rice
・Suitable amount…Green onion, White sesame


①Mix B with warm cooked rice and cool it with fan.

②Chop the tune finely and mix with A in a bowl.

③Cover a bamboo rollong mat with plastic wrap,
and spread a half of ①.
Place a nori sheet on it and put a half of ② and green onion, and roll the bamboo mat.

④While still wrapped, Cut ③ into 2-3 cm lengths.
Remove the wrap and serve with white sesame. Done!

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