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Tofu steaks


Tofu steaks

Ingredients (2 Servings)

・〈A〉2 tbsp …”Kombu tsuyu no moto”

・〈A〉1 tbsp…Sake

・〈A〉1 tbsp…Mirin

・〈A〉Optional…Sheredded garlic


・1 block… Firm tofu

・Optional … Pepper

・Proper amount of potato starch

・Proper amount of vegetable oil


①Drain the tofu on a paper towels for 30 minutes

and slice it into even sized slices.

②Mix A ingredients.

③Season it with pepper (optional), and coat it with potato starch.

④Heat a large skillet and add the oil.

Brown the tofu on both sides gently on a medium heat.

⑤Add A and cook it for 7-8 minutes.

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