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  3. Oyako don(Chicken and egg over rice)

Oyako don
(Chicken and egg over rice)


Oyako don<br />(Chicken and egg over rice)

Ingredients (2 Servings)

・★40ml … NINBEN “Shirodashi”
・★200ml … Water
・★1 tbsp … Sugar
・1/2 … Diced chicken thigh
・1/2 … Sliced onions
・4 … Eggs
・Toppings like mitsuba(Japanese honeywort), shredded nori seaweed
・2 bowls … Steamed rice


  1. Boil ★ in a pan on high heat until the soup starts boiling over.
  2. Add chicken and onions and put a lid on. Simmer it over middle heat for 5 minutes.
  3. Add beaten egg and turn off the heat when it starts to harden.
  4. Serve a half of ③ on steamed rice and put toppings.
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