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Agedashi tofu


Agedashi tofu

Ingredients (2 Servings)

・〈A〉2tbsp…NINBEN “Shiro Dashi”



・1block … Silk tofu

・Proper amount of potato starch

・ Ingredients of your choice

(This time, eggplant and cod)

・Proper amount of grated ginger, grated daikon raddish, and green onion.

・Proper amount of vegetable oil


①Drain the tofu and cut it into 6 pieces.

②Coat the tofu with potato starch and deep fry until they turn light brown and crispy.

(Deep fry eggplant, and coat the cod with potato starch and deep fry it.)

③In a pot, mix A and warm it.

④ Place the tofu in a serving bowl and gently pour A.

Garnish with grated ginger, grated daikon, and green onion.

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